Hikind Wants Holocaust Education In Local Frum Schools


hikind-patersonAs the number of Holocaust survivors dwindles each year, the Jewish community increasingly faces the daunting challenge of ensuring that the next generation is thoroughly educated about the heinous atrocities committed by the Nazis during the Third Reich. Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is advocating for the introduction of a formal Holocaust curriculum in area charedi schools to address this concern.”Educating our children about our past is our only key to securing our future,” Hikind noted. “The next generation must know how and why our enemies sought to destroy us, and more importantly, how we persevered in spite of appalling cruelty.”

At a meeting today with prominent rabbonim and mechanchim, Hikind distributed copies of Mrs. Ruth Lichtenstein’s recently published work, Witness to History (Project Witness, 2009), a brilliant compilation of Holocaust literature, scholarly research, and eyewitness accounts. Woven together into an accessible and aesthetically pleasing format, Witness to History also captures the unique charedi experience during the Shoah, which many existing academic texts do not.

“Unfortunately, for whatever reason, there has not been a great emphasis placed on Holocaust education in the charedi community,” remarked Hikind. “I am hoping to change the status quo.” Toward that end, Hikind is encouraging the principals of local charedi yeshivot to utilize Lichtenstein’s book as the primary text for teaching their students about the Holocaust.

Hikind, a child of Holocaust survivors, also represents the largest contingent of Holocaust survivors in the world in his Boro Park, Brooklyn Assembly district.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Dov Hikind should keep his political nose OUT of education. Let curriculum be set by the Vaad Hachinuch rabonim, not the politicians.

  2. No Chidush here at all. It is not a new idea. it is already in place and happeneing.

    The truth is Torah Umesorah organized an Assifas Menahalim about 5 weeks ago where well over 400 Menahalim and Menahalos came together to hear from the Novominsker Rebbe, Reb Dovid Shustal and others about implementing this into the curriculum. It was decided then that the schools would teach this and Torah Umesorah has developed teacher materials for it. All Dov needs to do is just tell the schools and teachers this idea is already in effect and point them in the direction of where they can get what they need.

    I have been to the Torah Umesorah teacher Center where they have this material and some amazing things for teachers. Also, I have spoken with R’ Sholom Friedman who runs the Zechor Yemos Olam project for them and he has a velt of knowledge and materials for any Mechanech who wants it.

    It is so important that we teach our children with the proper hashkofos about this tragic period in Klal Yisroels history and B”H there is a Mosad doing just that for all of us.

    Wasn’t there a huge aisfa for all menahalim, mechanchim and rabbanim in Novemeber where it was decided or decreed that the teaching of Churban Europe was to be added to the curriculum in every school.
    Dov, is now trying to move this decision forward. Has anyone noticed that their bochur has begun this important chinuch yet…


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