Hillary Clinton Remains Hospitalized


hillary-clintonSecretary of State Hillary Clinton remains hospitalized in Manhattan New Year’s Eve.

Clinton is being treated at New York Presbyterian Hospital for a blood clot. Earlier this month, she suffered a concussion after contracting a stomach virus that left her so dehydrated, she fainted.

It’s likely she will ring in 2013 at the hospital, CBS 2′s Weijia Jiang reported. Clinton’s doctors want to monitor her for at least another 48 hours to see if she needs further treatment, Jiang reported.

Doctors performing a post-concussion exam discovered the clot, which is now being treated with anti-coagulants, better know as blood thinners.

“Her doctors will continue to assess her condition, including other issues associated with her concussion,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary Of State Philippe Reines in a statement. “They will determine if any further action is required.”

Clinton’s office has not specified where the blood clot formed.

CBS 2′s Dr. Max Gomez says that information is crucial to determining how serious the clot is, and how it is treated.
“There are two main possibilities here. One is that she developed blood clots in her legs as a result of being on bed rest after her concussion, those would commonly be treated with anti-coagulants,” Gomez said. “A second possibility is that she developed something called a subdural hematoma, which means as a result of the blow on her head, she broke a small blood vessel on the surface of her brain, and it has been slowly leaking blood, which accumulates and forms a blood clot.”

In 1998, Clinton suffered a large blood clot behind her right knee while campaigning on behalf of Charles Schumer’s New York Senate bid.

During her presidential run in 2007, Clinton said the previous clot was the most significant health scare she ever had. She also said she had stopped taking blood thinners at that point.

Clinton had been scheduled to return to work this week after being sidelined for three weeks recovering from the stomach bug and concussion. The medical setbacks come at the end of her tenure as Secretary of State – she is scheduled to step down next month.

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  2. She is lying! What the Clintons wouldn’t do to avoid testifying!!! She’s covering up her role in Bengazi and should be arrested immedietly!

  3. She should have gone to Maimonides. Thats a hospital where she”ll get the right treatment that she”l be out and about in no time


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