Hillary Didn’t Disclose 1,100 Foreign Donors



The head of the Clinton Foundation’s affiliate in Canada has told Bloomberg that the group received money from some 1,100 anonymous donors. The cash donations, some of which ran into hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, did not just come from Canada.

Frank Giustra, the Canadian mining financier who runs the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, said all of the money donated through his organization had been funneled back to the Clinton Foundation. He claims he is unable to make the names of the donors public due to Canadian law, but tax and privacy lawyers told Bloomberg that was not the case.

Whatever the reason for the donors’ anonymity, it appears to put Hillary Clinton in breach of a “memorandum of understanding” signed with the White House when she took on the role of secretary of state. Read more at Bloomberg.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. MUCH MORE to come…………
    STAY TUNED TO ALL THE LIES and “misunderstandings” she did. How can anyone think of voting for her?

  2. It won’t make a difference. She can get away with anything she wants. The media wants her to be our next president.


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