Hillary Hires Hebrew-Speaking Israeli-American as New Media Director


hillary-clintonOren Shur, the Hebrew-speaking son of an Israeli, was hired this week as a media director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Avi Shur, Oren’s father, resides in Silver Springs, Maryland, near Washington, DC. He sounded excited in a phone call this week.

“How do you already know?” he asked when congratulated on his son’s appointment as Director of Paid Media.

“Oren was born in the United States, but I am fully Israeli. His mother is American. I can’t talk about the appointment, you understand, we are very happy about it but I will not talk about my son’s work.”

In his early thirties, Oren Shur is considered as a rising star in the Democratic Party. In the last few years he has worked on campaigns for Democrat governors He has a degree from George Washington University.

He lives with his wife in Washington. He speaks Hebrew and has visited Israel several times.

{Ynet News, Matzav.com}


  1. What are Hillary’s qualifications to be become President of the United States? Just the fact that being married to a former President, hardly qualifies her. I agree with Bill DeBlasio that Hillary has NO domestic experience to hang her hat on. The United States is a very big Country with many intricacies. Has she ever ran or managed a large Company/Corporation? How will she be able to deal with a hostile Congress and Senate? She has always been shielded from the public. She has never shown to have the proper temperament when dealing with people who disagree with her. For the media to say its time for a woman, and that woman is Hillary, is preposterous. This is not a high school graduating class putting on a performance. Where are the intelligent people in the Democrat Party to put an end to this?


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