Hillary: I Support Same Gender Marriage


hillary-clinton-glassesAre you handicapping who will come out in favor of same-gender marriage next?

Hillary Clinton released a video online today saying she supports same-gender marriage. Clinton says “LGBT Americans” are “full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship, and that includes marriage.”

The move comes just days after Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman declared his support for same-gender marriage, saying his position had changed due to his same-gender son.

It also comes shortly after former president Bill Clinton called for the repeal of the legislation he signed, the Defense Against Marriage Act, which he said is unconstitutional. Several key Democratic contenders for 2016 have thrown their support behind same-gender marriage as well.

Basically, the world is going to pot.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. “Basically, the world is going to pot.”

    Firstly, I am surprised to read such an lashon on this site, which strives to be on a higher, Torah guided level.

    Secondly, as to the sentiment –

    It is true that it can be disappointing to see such news. However, if you think into it, it is not really such a chiddush when liberals like the Clintons come out for toeivah. Their true selves are now coming out. What is happening now is that those who are not true believers and go by what the liberal media tells them to do, are now coming out and showing how spineless and corrupt they are. As the saying goes, those who stand for nothing, will fall for anything.

    On the positive side, there is a giant march scheduled for Washington, DC for next week, when people from around the country will come out on behalf of traditional marriage and against toeivah. We cannot travel there because it is on Pesach, but it is a giant event and shows that not all America is as corrupt as the Clintons and their liberal friends. The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is organizing it and fighting hard against toeivah. And they are having significant success.

    For more, people should see http://www.nationformarriage.org/ and http://www.nomblog.com/

  2. This is the coming of age of the same gender identity issues. True they have no place in the jewish home of an orthodox jew in terms of their legality of their arrangements under Torah law

  3. What terribly wicked people!!

    It seems that now, most of the terribly wicked Democratic Party — in truth, it is really the UN-Democratic Party — is now fully for Toeiva (so-called) “marriages”!!

  4. As per Rabbi Miller z”l, this puts America in great danger as indicated in the gemora for the issue of cosvim kesuva lezochor.

    The signs of America’s decline are all over the place and they can still recover if they don’t endorse this policy. The orthodox organizations need to be very careful about supporting politicians and candidates that support this evil policy.

  5. we should all vote for Erick Salgado for NYC mayor the only candidate against toevah. (PS he’s a democrat)

  6. To Comment #7. from “Anonymous”:

    The entire Toeiva thingy has no place NOT ONLY in the home of a Torah observant Jew, it has no place at all among ANY person in the world!

    The Issur – the strong Torah prohibition against Toeiva is (part of) one of the Sheva Mitzvos B’nei Noach – the Seven catagories of laws of basic human decency that EVERY person in the world, both Jew and Non-Jew, must strictly adhere to.

  7. To Comment #4. from “FYI”:


    A Groisser Yasher Koach – Thank you very, very much for telling us about the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). It is a very great organization that everyone should strongly support. Again, their web site is: http://www.nationformarriage.org/.

    In California, there is another very great organization that is mainly fighting the Toeiva thingy. It is called the “Campaign for Children and Families” and their web site is http://savecalifornia.com/ and definately should be supported.


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