Hillary: I’m Thinking Of Running For President


hillary-clintonNo, she didn’t announce plans Tuesday to run in 2016. But Hillary Clinton — today a private citizen, tomorrow, still anyone’s guess — took one step closer to making the news official.

“I am thinking about it,” said Clinton.

“The hard questions aren’t do you want to be president, or can you win,” said Clinton, who appeared here as the headliner at a conference sponsored by marketing automation software company Marketo. “The hard question is why. Why would you want to do this and what would you offer that could make a difference.”

The former first lady and US secretary of state, has not publicly declared her interest in running for president in 2016 but is widely considered a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination if she decides to compete.

Read more at CNET.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Just like King Coumo, here in NY, Hillary will be coronated as President! This is NOT Democratic! Why should certain names be allowed to just walk right in? In order for Government to function properly, you MUST have an opposition otherwise it becomes corrupt! It doesn’t make a difference from which Party it emanates from. The whole “election” process has to be revamped before the whole Country lies in ruines.


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