Holder: We’ll Find Innocent Was Executed


holderOutgoing Attorney General Eric Holder expressed significant concerns about capital punishment during an interview with the Marshall Project published Monday.

Holder brought up this year’s series of botched executions and raised the issue that wrongly convicted people may be executed.

“I very much disagree with Justice Scalia’s certitude that we have never put to death an innocent person,” Holder said. “I think at some point we will find a person who was put to death and who should not have been, who was not guilty of a crime.” Read more at Marshall Project.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Holder is correct.
    – Leo Frank (who was later murdered by a lynch mob) was convicted and sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit.
    – Ether Rosenberg was executed for a crime she probably wasn’t guilty of (her execrable brother gave false testimony against her).
    – Many death row inmates were proven to be innocent before their scheduled execution.
    There are those who deserve the death penalty, but the standard of evidence is inadequate.

  2. You piece of garbage. You single handedly have brought the greatest racial divide this once great Country has ever experienced. You are the worst race baiter we have ever seen. Now you’re concerned about the lowest vermin who have committed the most heinous crimes? Your job was to prosecute criminals, not to let them off the hook. We, as a Nation, cant get rid of you quick enough.

  3. hold on Holder what about the future victims being
    wrongly put to death by the murderer because shallow minded people like yourself prevented him from getting capital punishment. Why aren’t you concerned about their welfare. Or, is it perhaps because black people in general commit a disproportionate amount of crime and murders in the country much more than the percentage that they represent in the overall population and your primary concern is to protect them from the ramifications of their own misdeeds????


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