Holocaust ‘Revisionist’ In The Run For Mayor In South Carolina


A man who calls himself a “Holocaust revisionist” and directs a website offering money to anyone who can disprove the methods of murder used against six million Jews hopes to be the next mayor of Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Michael Santomauro, 59, filed his statement of candidacy form on Monday and says that his “beliefs” will not determine his campaign policy platform, according to the Island Packet.

He is the director of the website RePortersNoteBook.com which claims to offer a monetary reward to any individual who can disprove the validity specific Holocaust events, such as Nazi use of death camps and gas chambers.


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  1. This is simple. Hashem has many idiots running into our futures.

    This guy is a madness but what about the jew who hates his brother and eats treif? He might be worse.

    Wonder what more satan wants. Its to seemingly try any evil it can imagine. Each one gone is hopefully not one to return.

    Jews still do not obey commandments. Still the same evil. Its more than satan chose. Its the full yetzer tov. Some just wish it great.

    Fear Hashem.


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