Holocaust Violin Returns To Jewish Hands


Viewing a documentary about the “Violins of Hope” project, Janet Warkentin-Bosse realized she’d found what her family had spent decades searching for, Haaretz reported.

Janet’s husband Aart Bosse, his sister, Marlies Boelhouwer, and their mother, Helena Bosse, live in Canada but were born in the Netherlands, where their grandmother, Helena Visser, became friends with Jewish neighbors from Germany, Adam Alexander and Fanny Hecht.

The Hechts asked them to look after their violin before they were deported to the east and perished.

After learning of Violins of Hope, a project that collects and violins owned by Jews who perished in the Holocaust and uses them in concerts, Marlies Boelhouwer and Aart Bosse packed the violin and delivered it to Jewish hands after seventy-four years.



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