Homowack Group Hopes to Prevent More Illegal Dumping


homowackThe group that owns the former Homowack Lodge – which is now known as Machne Bnos Skver – has erected a fence to keep out illegal dumpers. Aron Taub, who is a member of the group’s board of directors,¬†says that the fence is but the first step in restoring the old resort.

“We plan on doing everything necessary to bring the property into compliance,” Taub said.

The group currently has an application before the Town of Mamakating Planning Board, with the ultimate goal being to secure a special use permit that would be required if the group hopes to operate a girls’ camp this summer.

Last year, the group had defied local and state authorities by operating this camp despite lacking the required permit. Taub, however, says that Machne Bnos Skver is determined that this not happen again this year. While he says he understands the skepticism many of the local residents surely feel, he hopes that, in turning over a new leaf, the group’s actions during the ensuing months will be judged with an open mind.

“We want to set a new direction [for the property],” he said.

Eventually, Taub says, the group intends, in addition to the camp, to restore the hotel operations at the site. Taub also wanted to state for the record that the group is reconsidering plans for a Chassidic village – or shtetel – on the property. Taub says that the current state of the economy has had an impact on the group’s original plans.

 {Shawangunkjournal.com/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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