Huckabee: Hillary’s Going To ‘Light Bill Up’ Over AG Meeting


Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee explained on ‘Hannity’ that he suspects the Democratic candidate was made ‘livid’ by her husband’s private meeting with Loretta Lynch.




  1. Please stop reporting every Mr. Vannity says. He is a phony thru & thru. Shame on Mr. Huckabee for wasting his time appearing on that phonies show.

  2. Most likely this was all planned, the bad part is that they were caught. Some one found out and reported this, for I don’t believe in coincidences the same place at the same time, what would be the odds. But like whitewater and all the rest the Clintons do everything will be put under the rug they know big, big people like the Bildenbergers (?) (the group that meets secretly on private islands), Soros, etc., etc. They are only mad that some one of not their group found out and believed the little peons should know about it.


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