Video: Huckabee: There Will Be Gehennom to Pay if Hamas Terrorists Touch a Hair on the Kidnapped Boys

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huckabee[Video below.] Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee landed in Israel today and went directly to visit the family of Naftali Frenkel, one of the three bochurim kidnapped by Hamas.

“I’m here not just as an American but as a father. I think every parent in the world feels something at the pit of their stomach with the thought of something like this happening to their own child,” he said, adding, “Americans need to hear this story. This is an American citizen, this is one of us. And even if he wasn’t, this should not happen to any young man or to any parent… Whoever is behind this must feel enough pressure to realize that the only decision they have to make is not when they give these boys back but how soon, and as safely as possible.”

Click below to watch Huckabee’s strong remarks:

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  1. Huckabee, a righteous goy and real man versus the gutless worm residing in the White house, such a difference in the world could be made. Remember elections are coming! My heart breaks for the three boys and praying for all involved. Baruch Hashem.


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