Human Animals: Palestinian Social Media Campaign Celebrating Kidnapping Goes Viral


palestinian-kidPalestinian activists have formed their own viral social media campaign to celebrate the June 12 kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers.

Called “Three Shalits,” the Palestinian social media campaign references Gilad Shalit, the former Israeli soldier who was abducted by Hamas in 2006 and swapped for 1,027 Palestinian terrorist prisoners in 2011.

The campaign’s logo is characterized by a three-finger salute in reference to the three recently kidnapped Israeli teens.

Using the “Three Shalits” hashtag on Facebook and Twitter, there are hundreds of photographs of Palestinians and their supporters, including many young children, brandishing the three-finger salute in hopes that the Israeli teens will be used to free more Palestinian prisoners.

“The campaign has raised the slogan ‘three Shalits’ in support of capturing Israeli occupation soldiers and exchanging them for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails,” the official Palestinian daily Al-Quds reported. “While containing Palestinian messages, the campaign has spread to include Arab countries, as well as Arab and Palestinian ex-patriots the world over.”


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  1. That’s what they are; two legged inhumane breeds of chayos ra’os. May HKBH repay them with all the Ra in the world for what they do to us Yidden.

  2. The simple solution to getting these kids back is to tell the palestinians that for every day that the boys are missing they will execute 100 convicted hamas terrorists. Simple.


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