Hundreds Of Israelis Rescued From Earthquake-Battered Nepal Arrive Home



A special El Al Airlines flight brought 216 Israelis, including 15 newborn babies, to Israel from earthquake-devastated Nepal yesterday.

The 7.9-magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal last weekend left untold ruin in its wake. Nepalese Prime Minister Sushil Koirala said Tuesday that the death toll could ultimately exceed 10,000. More than 450,000 people have been displaced, he said.

Several Israeli planes have been sent to Nepal since Sunday to retrieve Israelis stranded in the earthquake-battered country. On Wednesday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s situation room knew of only six Israelis traveling in Nepal who were yet to be accounted for.

“It felt as if the entire city was obliterated. There was no power, no water, and no food. We’re delighted to be back,” said Noam Greenberg, who returned to Israel on Tuesday.

“We endured some terrifying moments, but now, being back under the Israeli sun, everything looks better,” Amir Barda, who returned to Israel from Kathmandu with his partner and their newborn twins, told Israel Hayom.


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