ICare4Autism Speaks at UN on Urgency and Hope for Autism


un-autism-panelICare4Autism was invited to the United Nations Convention to address the Rights of People with disabilities. “ICare4Autism’s International Conference in Jerusalem in August made a big impact on everyone by giving them a great deal of hope and opening a dialogue that has begun to move forward.” said Juan Carlos Brandt, Chief Advocacy and Special Events at the UN in his opening remarks as moderator.

Dr. Joshua Weinstein, Founder and CEO of ICare4Autism presented a global perspective on ICare4Autism’s mission and reported on the Global Autism Center to open in 2015. A critical element of his discussion was the Autism Workforce Initiative which will focus on providing employment and vocational services to those on the autism spectrum. A pilot program is to start in New York and Jerusalem to be replicated worldwide.
Dr. Stephen Shore, who is autistic, Professor at Adelphi University gave a touching description of his own personal struggles and how to promote successful employment for those with autism. As a member of the ICare4Autism advisory council he will lead the workforce initiative.

Dr. Eric Hollander, Director of the Autism and Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore and Chair of the ICare4Autism Advisory Council, reported on the Research Highlights from the recently concluded ICare4Autism International Autism Conference.

Dr. Beth Diviney, member of the ICare4Autism Advisory Council, outlined the global state-of-the-art database system International Computer Analysis Program (ICAP). It will be the largest international database to facilitate collaboration and will disseminate information for educational and medical researchers, practitioners, policy makers, families and autistics.

This international event was in conjunction with the Mission of Israel to the United Nations. Those attending included heads of disability organizations, autistics, persons with other disabilities as well as delegates and leaders from countries such as Monaco, Pakistan, Senegal, Spain, Moldova who spoke about their need to collaborate with ICare4Autism. Dr. Weinstein indicated his intentions to assist each and every one. One audience member indicated that people with developmental disabilities will outlive pediatric care so it is important and urgent for medical professionals to specialize in treating adults with developmental disability. An autistic woman in the audience said “Just because I cannot speak doesn’t mean I don’t have something to say.” ICare4Autism is listening and taking on the challenge of promoting and fulfilling productive lives for people with autism worldwide.

{Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. When someone in our community is a little different their peckel is much more difficult. One mistake they make is taken as a reason for future failure, whereas for Normal people, it would take about 5 of the same mistakes before a doubt would arise about future failure.
    Most different adults in homes with the best shadows, or coaches are really stunted in their ability to grow. I have seen wonderful
    “one on one” caring people mock the desires of a “different high functioning ” person with snickers or winks. One different young man in my store asked me about a possible tutoring job with a younger child needing help with reading. The caring supervising companion, winked at me and said discouraging remarks. I have heard about kids at risk excluded from schools going out of town for interviews only to be told that they do not take out of town rejects.
    If children were not allowed to make fun of others then adults would be forced to be role models. If parents would not protect their children who have taunted siblings of different siblings, then our communitiy would truly be a light to others.


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