ICE Dir Promises Doubling of Officers After ‘Sanctuary’ Law Signed


Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan said California “better hold on tight” after its liberal Democratic governor allowed a sanctuary state law to take effect this week.

“There’s no sanctuary from law enforcement,” he said. “California better hold on tight – they’re about to see a lot more deportation officers. If politicians don’t protect their communities then ICE will.”Read more at Fox News.



  1. Justified sanctuary cities were only in the bible. Unless the democrats want a biblical advantage, they must end the sanctuary city protocol. In all, Mr. Trump has power and the sanctuary city is just for its own good less any future a small fist.

    Will there be more construct with Mr. Obama’s mistakes? We must find that Our Obama presence remembered is just the act of hoping that we have more liberty. In all, Mr. Obama was never on top of all changes yet we have more.

    What more can we do? Just daven. Its very funny. I started this year last thinking horrible. I wonder how that will go. Mr. Trump is fixing some very important things. I guess when you absolve this abomination that the women wanted to put together to dominate our charity with wrong choices it makes a possibility that even the most angry stereotypical man with some odd history can be president. If Trump succeeds, we might have better orthodoxy.

    I will hope that our reform buddies will not be extinguished too quick. Hashem seems quite powerful and if I know right, a failing society will eliminate itself. Why reform is not breaking away faster to adhere to Halacha I have no idea. I hope they do not need a sanctuary city. They are also very much aliens to the human worth of all Halacha and Torah. We will pull through.


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