Iceland Capital Will Limit Israel Boycott To ‘Occupied Areas,’ Mayor Says


Reykjavik Mayor Dagur B. EggertssonReykjavik Mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson told the RUV broadcaster that Iceland’s capital would limit its boycott of Israel to “occupied areas,” the Iceland Monitor reported. The initial bill passed by Reykjavik’s city council vowed a boycott of products made anywhere in Israel.

“Occupied areas” is the anti-Israel narrative’s descriptor for current Israeli territory that the Jewish state captured in the 1967 Six-Day War, including Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights. Icelandic media and other media misleadingly reported the mayor’s comments as a “retraction” of the Israel boycott. The Iceland Monitor’s headline stated, “Reykjavik to retract Israel boycott decision.” But according to the same reports, Eggertsson only recommended that the city council’s bill be retracted in its “current form.” By now boycotting Israeli territory beyond the 1967 lines, Reykjavik’s move still mirrors other governmental or corporate boycotts of Israel.




  1. I find it difficult to articulate my level of fury at these smug anti-Semites. One set of standards for the world, another impossibly high one for the Jews (which – surprise! – they fail).

  2. these are NOT occupied areas – they were given to the Jews by the One Above thousands of years ago

    ICELAND will now be on the UN-OCCUPIED list for Israeli travelers.

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