Identity Thieves Target Donors After DNC Hack


Data breaches at the Democratic National Committee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have caused problems outside the internal shakeups and national political embarrassment: Identity thieves are now targeting major donors. The contributors’ Social Security numbers and personal information were made available to hackers of all stripes following the breaches.

“All my [stuff] was hacked,” one major donor said, adding that she had to spend additional money to protect her 6-year-old daughter’s information. Eric Schoenberg, another top donor, said someone applied for a loan with his personal information. “I already got a call that someone was trying to use my Social Security number,” he said. “The answer is: Nobody is safe.”

Politico reports, though, that despite the anger that many donors felt, they still pledged to give more to the Democratic Party, adding that Donald Trump was a bigger concern than their personal information. Read more at POLITICO.




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