IDF Chief Rabbi: 90% Of Muslims Don’t Know Koran Contents


rafi-peretzIDF chief rabbi Rafi Peretz downplayed Muslim religious ties to Yerushalayim and said that the majority of the followers of the Koran know nothing of its contents.

According to a transcript of a lesson at the Otzem pre-military yeshiva, published on the Kipa website, the military rabbi said on November 3 that Jews were more well-versed in the Koran than Muslims.

The IDF said in response that the remarks had been taken out of context, but apologized nonetheless.

“In the Koran, there is not even one reference to the word Jerusalem. Not even a hint. The Arabs are imagining things. Ninety percent of them don’t know what’s written in the Koran. We know far better than they do,” Peretz said.

Other than the al-Aqsa mosque, the rest of the site – including the Dome of the Rock – contains no religious significance to the worshipers, he added.

When they pray, facing Mecca “their backsides face the Temple Mount,” he said. “So what are they doing on the Temple Mount?”

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  1. L’Havdil why should the percentage be any different than the general Jewish populace? What percentage of Jewry are Dati of any nature?

  2. As far as I’m concerned, the contents of the Koran amounts to the savage murder of everyone not Muslim.
    I think they are much more knowledgeable on these matters than the Jews. They are experts!

  3. And does it really say befeirush or at least b’rimizoh that muslims should kill jews?…I’ve not studied it,i must admit,but I’ve heard and read so many times from those who claim to be in the know that it doesn’t mention or even hint to this either.Am I correct?.


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