IDF Detains Hamas Members On Fishing Boat That Violated Restrictions


ISRAELI NAVYThe Israeli Navy on Monday intercepted a Palestinian fishing boat carrying members of the Hamas terrorist group that repeatedly violated Israeli  restrictions on fishing off the Gaza Strip.

According to military officials, the interception was necessary after the boat made several attempts to go beyond the area in which fishing is allowed, despite warnings to its crew to stop. Eventually, after firing several warning shots in the air and in the water, Israeli troops fired at the boat itself, after which point it was diverted to the Ashdod port and its crew was taken in for questioning. A Dvora-class fast patrol boat escorted the fishing boat along the way.

Gaza media reported that the boat was raided by the Israeli Navy’s elite commando unit, Shayetet 13. According to the reports, after Israeli forces detained several Hamas members, the ship was instructed to head to Ashdod.




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