IDF: Kidnappers May Not Have Reached Their Destination Yet


idf-palestinianThe kidnappers of three Israeli teens may be waiting to take responsibility for the act because they have still not reached their final destination, a senior IDF officer said Monday, reports Times of Israel.

“They have not completed their escape route, or they are waiting for the situation on the ground to calm down in order to announce the kidnapping,” an officer from the Central Command told Israeli media.

Movement in and out of the city of Chevron, where IDF searches are focused, has been extremely restricted over the past 11 days as Israeli forces search for the three teenagers, last seen hitchhiking south of Yerushalayim.

Over a thousand soldiers have scoured the area in intensive searches for the three, alongside nightly raids aimed at cracking down on the Hamas movement in the West Bank, which Israel has accused of abducting the three.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. yes but they had five hours after the kidnapping to travel before the soldiers and police woke up. One can travel very far in five hours in Israel.

  2. To Anonymous 11:16 PM
    The security forces are working on the assumption that the kidnappers believed they had a short time to act, twenty minutes to a half hour, and therefore prepared a hiding place nearby the point of abduction. They wouldn’t have known whether the IDF and Shin Bet were on the case immediately or not. Therefore, the government has shut down the entire area and it is hermetically sealed, as they search house by house, caves, tunnels and pits, etc.

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  4. Baloney story..I checked it out with a person heavily involved. Facts are wrong. DON’T SPREAD RUMORS…YOU PUT BOTH THE CHAYALIM AND BOYS IN DANGER.


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