IDF: No Evidence Of Islamic State Presence At Israel-Syria Border


israel-syria-border1The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) “does not recognize any Islamic State presence [at the Israel-Syria border]” and the Golan Heights are safe to visit during the Yomim Tovim, IDF Col. Nir Ben-David said.

Ben-David is deputy commander of the IDF’S 210th Division, which is stationed on the Golan Heights and the Syrian border. “There are other [groups] operating there,” he said. “Islamic State is still far off, many kilometers away. In the past year, the [al-Qaeda-aligned] Nusra Front has made headway on the Syrian [border].”

The IDF is closely monitoring the Syrian border, Ben-David said.

“We have developed many new capabilities in the Golan Heights. We are making changes and staying one step ahead of the enemy,” he said.


{ Israel}


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