IDF Officer Who Lost His Arm in Hamas Attack Returns to Service


captain-ziv-shilonIn October, a bomb planted by terrorists on the Gaza border exploded, injuring Givati soldiers on routine patrol along the security fence. The commander of the unit,  Captain Ziv Shilon, lost his arm in the attack. Today, he is back with his soldiers, and in a special ceremony this week, he presented them with their combat soldier pins.

Ziv Shilon Reunited with his soldiers

Captain Shilon with His former soldiers

Shilon never doubted he would reunite with his soldiers. Mere days after losing his arm, he said:

“I’m getting better every day. I’ll return to my old self and I’ll make it back to the field. You have to stay optimistic. There’s always something to give you hope, a small corner of light at the end of the tunnel. It’s something you understand during combat service. When you’re at the 79th kilometer out of an 80 kilometer journey, you start counting the trees around you. When you get to the 100th tree, you know you made some progress. It’s the same with the injury. It’s a journey, a very long journey.”

IDF Chief of Staff visiting Captain Ziv Shilon following his injury

Today, only three months later, he is back in the ranks of the IDF.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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