IDF Official: Hamas Made a Strategic Error and Will Pay


hamas-palestiniansA senior official in the IDF said this evening that “Operation Brother’s Keeper,” the search and counter-terror operation in Yehudah and Shomron following the abduction of the three yeshiva students, will not conclude in the near future.

“This is an ongoing battle that will not end in one week,” the official said. “Part of our strength is our ability to hold this campaign for a prolonged time period. We are hitting their corporate, political, financial infrastructure and more. Even if it fails to stop the next attack, it will have a long-term effect.”

“Hamas made a strategic error, and now it will also be affected at the strategic level because it will be isolated,” the official continued.

“There are ten divisions and special forces operating here,” he added. “We are not giving discounts to any other organizations, but Hamas is the main target. This is an ongoing campaign.” Read more at Israel National News.

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