IDF Paratroop Platoon For Chareidim


The IDF plans to set up a chareidi platoon of fifty soldiers within the Paratroop Brigade. It will be similar to the existing Nachal Hachareidi platoon of the Kfir Brigade, which provides a separate gender environment, mehadrin food, and time for Torah study and tefillos.

Currently, 5,000 chareidi soldiers and officers in the IDF serve in the chareidi battalion of the Tomer Givati Brigade, Netzach Yehuda of the Kfir Brigade, a cyber unit in the Intelligence Corps, the computer and communications division, the air force, the navy, the military rabbinate, the Personnel Directorate, and other departments.

An organization named the Union of Rabbonim and Educators of Chareidi Servicemen was established by rabbonim and educators who are associated with recruiting soldiers. The group hopes to become officially recognized by the IDF and granted the authority to make changes that will help soldiers maintain their spiritual level during army service.

┬áDavid Steger – Israel


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