IDF Paratrooper Stabbed in West Bank; Palestinian Arrested


idf-attackerAn IDF commander of a paratrooper unit was stabbed in his torso this after confronting a group of Palestinian illegal aliens trying to cross into Israel, near the Oranit security checkpoint along the Trans-Samaria Highway, Ynet reports.

The soldier was lightly wounded, but managed to quickly tackle the terrorist and hold him to the ground.

The soldier, named as Yoav Leitman, is conscious and is listed in light condition. Medical and security forces arrived at the scene.

Ynet reports that the incident occurred when IDF Paratrooper forces approached the security fence in the area of Oranit, where a group of 6-8 Palestinian illegal aliens was attempting to cross into Israel through the fence. One of the Palestinians pounced on one of the soldiers and stabbed him. Security forces arrested the assailant, as well as the other Palestinians.

The Hamas terrorist group praised the stabbing attack in Shomron. A statement issued by the group said that the attack underscores the determination of the Palestinian people to continue its path of resistance, despite all the obstacles and difficulties, Ynet reported.

{ Israel}



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