IDF Readies for Potential Ground Incursion


idf-tanksIsrael has intensified its aerial offensive against terror targets in the Gaza Strip, with over 1,000 targets destroyed so far since Operation Protective Edge began on Tuesday. Major cities all across Israel came under heavy rocket fire over the weekend and the Iron Dome defense system intercepted more than 140 projectiles.

GOC Southern Command Maj. Gen. Sami Turgeman commented on the operation, saying, “We’ve destroyed some of the enemy’s long-range rockets, but we know they have more and those will be targeted as well. There is no procrastination here, only resolve and power. Hamas [operatives] are hiding from our strikes. This is likely to take a few days.”

Military and government officials stressed that Israel was doing everything within its power to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza. Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip said over 85 people had been killed and over 300 wounded since the offensive began.

With incessant rockets salvos fired at Israel, the IDF has been massing troops along Israel’s border with Gaza in preparation for a possible ground incursion.

“We’re making sure everything is ready. We have enough targets to go after and Hamas knows this. … We are ready to expand the operation to other dimensions. The plans have been drawn and the troops are ready,” Turgeman told reporters.

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