IDF Responds to Gaza Infiltration by Bombing Terror Targets


The Israel Defense Forces attacked multiple targets in Gaza and destroyed a Hamas terror tunnel early Wednesday. The strikes followed an incident Tuesday morning, in which Palestinians breached the Israel-Gaza border near the inactive Kissufim crossing, illegally entering into Israeli territory and setting fire to an abandoned IDF post before fleeing back to Gaza.

A drone sent from Gaza also entered Israel Tuesday, crashing in Israel’s Shaar HaNegev region, before being confiscated by the IDF. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that airstrikes were carried out in response to the repeated infiltration attempts as well as “continued attempts to insert drones and kites into Israel for the purposes of terrorism and arson.” The IDF further blamed Hamas for any consequences Gazans would suffer as a result of terror activity in the area.

The spokesperson’s unit reported that Hamas terrorists are attacking Israeli security infrastructure on the border daily, and that the IDF “is determined to realize its defensive tasks and ensure the safety of the people of Israel.”

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman lauded the success of the mission on Twitter, adding “It’s good for the heads of Hamas to internalize that their military project is a failure and [instead] invest all of their efforts in improving the life of Gazans.”




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