IDF Says It Struck Hamas’ Unmanned, Advanced Submarine Vessels

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Israel’s Defense Forces released additional information on Wednesday night about the Hamas targets that were hit on Tuesday night, in response to the more than 100 rockets and mortars that were fired at civilian areas from Gaza. Among the 65 targets the IDF hit were weapons manufacturing sites used by the Hamas terror organization for self-production.

“The IDF strike damaged the immediate stockpile of weapons available to the terror organization and also affected the financial investment required to develop weapons in the future. The strike of these terror sites is a significant blow to Hamas’ military buildup capabilities,” the IDF statement said.

Additionally, the IDF struck Hamas’ and Islamic Jihad’s naval forces, among them “advanced, unmanned submarine vessels, capable of maritime infiltration and carrying out maritime terror attacks.” IDF has not previously acknowledged that Hamas possessed the underwater drones that were targeted in Tuesday’s military operation in Gaza.

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  1. Do the IDF expect the terrorists to give a hoot when all they always do is strike empty buildings, empty fields and empty submarine vessels?

  2. Not a single terrorist was killed in all the bombings over Gaza. It’s nice to see that Israel is so concerned about preserving the lives of these savages.


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