IDF Strikes Back At Gazans Launching Flaming Devices, Injuring Three


Israeli drones carried out three airstrikes on targets in the Gaza Strip said to have been operated by Palestinians launching flaming balloons and kites over the border.

The IDF said it destroyed a motorbike used by a group of Gazans preparing to fly incendiary airborne devices towards southern Israel.

A second air strike aimed at an observation post near the security fence was carried out by an Israeli drone. Hours later reports emerged that three Palestinians had been injured in a third Israeli airstrike targeting “a cart used by ta Hamas terrorist cell to prepare Molotov cocktails”, the IDF statement said.

The retaliatory drone attacks followed on from reports of multiple fires breaking out in Israeli border communities attributed to flaming airborne objects launched from the strip.

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  1. Injuring 3? That’s the best the IDF can do? Had the US military taken over, Gaza would’ve been long carpet bombed.


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