IDF Thwarts Infiltration Attempt At Israel-Syria Border Fence


syria-from-golan-heightsIsraeli troops on the Israel-Syria border thwarted an infiltration attempt over the weekend, killing two gunmen believed to have been trying to sabotage the border fence, Israel Hayom reported.

Soldiers manning an observation post on the Syrian border spotted two individuals who they suspected were attempting to either sabotage the fence or place explosives in the area where a roadside bomb recently injured four Israel Defense Forces soldiers.

After being alerted by the observation post, soldiers on the ground engaged the two individuals, who turned out to be armed and were killed in the ensuing clash.

Commenting on the border incident during his cabinet meeting Sunday, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said, “We will continue to respond to any attempt to harm Israel, and we will, as best we can, apply a proactive policy to stopping these attacks before the take place.”


{ Israel}


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