Imagine if You Were Taking This Train to Work


palestinian rock“Moderate” PA leader Mahmoud Abbas has praised the “spirit of the first intifada” and the “culture of popular resistance” practiced by Palestinian children.

Here’s an example of what Abbas is praising.

This photo, of Arab youths throwing rocks at a Jerusalem light rail train, was taken this weekend:

Arab rock throwers. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

As the lighted sign on the train indicates, this rail line serves Arab sections of Jerusalem as well as Jewish areas.

Look at the size of the brick in the hand of the right-most terrorist:

Rock throwing. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

That could easily kill someone if thrown hard enough at a moving vehicle.

Now imagine how police in Chicago or London or Oslo would react to direct assaults on their mass transit lines.

And ask yourself why this story did not even make the Israeli newspapers.

The answer is because this stone throwing happens every single day.

Now imagine a society where young men who throw bricks at innocent civilians are lauded as heroes by their leaders. Where they are encouraged to act this way, and indoctrinated since they are very young to throw stones at Jews.

You don’t have to imagine it. Mahmoud Abbas just praised them.

And the UN dedicated a year to that exact society.




  1. SIMPLE SOLUTION to the rock throwing at trains: Close all of the train stations in arab areas and build walls on either side of the train tracks through the arab neighborhoods.

    ’twas stupid to run the trains through the arab neighborhoods in the first place.


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