Important Message from Rabbi Yaakov Bender


Acheinu B’nei Yisroel B’chol Mokom sh’hem

I am appealing to you on behalf of a talmid, a wonderful bochur, who unfortunately fell into a bad marriage.  When his wife ran away with the 3 children, he gave her a get on advice of Rabbonim.

(see full image of letter HERE)

Now however, she is vindictively harassing him with all sorts of nonsensical charges to keep him from having anything to do with the kids.

I know, b’ydiya gemura, that the charges are totally false, lo haya v’lo nivra, and are only the untrue products of her unwell personality.

The kids love and need their father!

I am absolutely certain that eventually the truth will come out without any shred of a doubt.

Now, however, we need to pay huge legal fees, as her sheker can result in his going to prison, R”L, if allowed to stand.

This is PIDYON SHVUYIM! See Link HERE and donate.

The danger is real, as some judges are prejudiced against the man, always assuming the woman to be the victim.

His lawyers are also absolutely confident that he will win his case.

I vouch for this cause without any hesitation.

We need to put together $50,000 NOW.

I ask your help.

In this z’chus may you know only nachas and simcha from your whole family!

Rabbi Yaakov Bender

Rosh Yeshiva – Darchei Torah




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