In Anti-Netanyahu Petition, J Street Says Israeli PM ‘Not The Spokesman For All Jews’


j-streetThe self-described “pro-Israel, pro-peace” lobby group J Street has launched a petition denouncing Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s assertion that he will be speaking for all Jews when he addresses Congress next month.

J Street’s petition states, “Israel’s Prime Minister is not the spokesman for all Jews.” Netanyahu made the remarks last Sunday, telling French supporters of the Likud party that he traveled to Paris last month after the series of Islamist terror attacks there not only the prime minister of Israel, but as the “representative of the entire Jewish people.”

“He’s in the middle of a tough election campaign, battling along with other party leaders for the right to represent Israelis-but he certainly cannot claim any mandate to speak for Jews in the United States,” J Street wrote in the petition. “Add your name. Help us let his Ambassador in Washington, Ron Dermer, know that – as an American, as a Jew – Bibi Netanyahu doesn’t speak for you.”


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  1. That’s an amazing logic. So that means Obama, although rightfully serving as a US elected official, does not represent everyone since he is “battling along with other party leaders for the right to represent” and especially after last November’s elections…

    Just fascinating…

    We should do a counter petition.

  2. J street is Pro Arab- funded by them!
    Everybody is busy with the nonsense! Politics aside, Iran is the biggest threat we can imagine. . But I know that Moshiach will follow very soon. These are clear signs.


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