In First, Chareidi Woman Accepted To El Al’s Pilot Training Program


elalIsrael’s national airline, El Al, has accepted a charedi woman into its pilot training program for the first time.

Identified in Israeli media only by her first name, Nechama, the new recruit is a mother of three children in her early 30s from a town near Yerushalayim, the Channel 10 news site reported this week.

Nechama, who will be El Al’s first female charedi candidate, went to flight school in the United States after attending the Beit Ya’akov seminary. She applied to El Al several years after receiving a pilot’s license and returned regularly to the United States to fly in order to make the flight hour threshold required of candidates for El Al’s training program.

She succeeded in the tryouts and tests for El Al’s upcoming class, and received notice of her acceptance in recent weeks, according to the report. She is scheduled to begin training in approximately three months.

Read more at Times of Israel.

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