In Har Habayis Riot, Arabs Taunt Jews With 3-Finger Salute Celebrating Abduction of Israeli Teens


arabs-har-habayisBy J. Levitt

Atop the Har Habayis on Wednesday Arabs were taunting 40 Jewish visitors with the three-fingered salute to mock the kidnapping of three Israeli teens abducted by Hamas 12 days ago.

“Hundreds of Muslim men and women and a Hamas organized summer camp for Muslim children greeted the Jews with thunderous jeers and curses, waving their shoes and holding up their newly minted obscenity: a three-finger ‘victory’ sign, signifying their gloating pride in the kidnapping of the three Jewish boys,” said The Temple Institute, which posted video of the incident on YouTube.

The mockery from a mob that “followed and lunged at the Jewish worshipers” for more than an hour, was especially insulting, the Temple Institute said, because the 40 Jews had ascended to the sacred site to utter a silent prayer for the three missing teens, Gilad Shaar, Eyal Yifrah and Naftali Frankel, as Jewish prayer is not allowed.

Watch a video of the incident HERE.

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