In Search Of Tanach Personalities


Purdue University Libraries professor Lawrence Mykytiuk recently added three names to his list of fifty Tanach individuals mentioned on ancient seals or inscriptions, the university reported.

Mykytiuk launched his voyage of discovery after finding the words “melech Beis Dovid” carved in Aramaic on the remains of a victory stele set up after the Arameans conquered Tel Don.

Most recently, he found physical remembrances of Tattenai, a Persian governor during Ezra’s lifetime, and two high officials who served Nevuchadnezer, Nargal-sharetzer and Nevuzaradan. Tattenai’s name was found in a clay tablet letter from the time of Daryavesh the Great and the other two in a list of Nevuchadnezer’s courtiers inscribed on clay tablets.

Mykytiuk is particular to ascertain that inscriptions are authentic and not forged, that the eras dealt with by Tanach and relevant inscription match, and that three identifying particularities (such as name, father’s name and title) match on both sides.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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