Indian Bride Leaves Groom Over Math Test



An Indian bride walked out on her wedding when her would-be groom failed to answer a simple math question correctly: What is 15 plus 6? When the groom answered “17,” the bride left and refused to return, despite the groom’s family’s pleas, according to police.

“The groom’s family kept us in the dark about his poor education,” the bride’s father, Mohar Singh, said. “Even a first grader can answer this.”

The gifts and jewelry that had been exchanged before the wedding were returned. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. You’re a bunch of amateurs, leaving out my comments because I stated the obvious, that this piece of “news” is a joke.
    you guys are a joke.

  2. This is a warning to our semi-illiterate commentators. Your kallah may walk out on you after subjecting you to a spelling test.

  3. Math is very important. If you can not add 2 plus 2, you probably can not yearn for a better gift for your better day.


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