Injured Bochur Reunited with Mother


levi-yitzchak-rosenblattThe mother of Levi Yitzchok Rosenblatt, who survived being attacked by a knife-wielding man at Lubavitcher headquarters in Brooklyn, was reunited yesterday with her battered son, the NY Daily News reported.

Levi’s mother thanked Hashem for a “miracle” after she flew in from Eretz Yisroel.

“He told me he was okay,” Reizy Rosenblatt told the Daily News, as she recounted her telephone conversation with Levi right before she took off from Tel Aviv. “His head is in a little pain. He cannot understand the miracle.”

The mother of eight spoke with the News in the baggage claim area at Newark Liberty Airport moments after she landed.

Reizy said she was “shocked” and “lost herself” when she first heard about the attack. She said she cried when she talked to her son on the phone. But as she waited for her bags, the determined mom said she was anxious to get to Bellevue Hospital.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Levi Yitzchock looks like such a sweet bachur. He must have a special Mother. May HKB”H grant him a refuah shilaima and gezunteh langeh yorin.

  2. Isn’t the word ‘reunited’ appropriate when describing a situation where the two parties were separated for a prolonged period with no contact?
    Not sure what would be a better term but ‘reunited’ seems to be misleading…


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