Intel Panel Chairman: Healthcare.Gov Security Flaws An ‘Invitation’ To Foreign Hackers


house-intelligence-committee-chairman-mike-rogersSecurity gaps in are an “invitation” to foreign hackers trying any way they can to access sensitive information, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee told

“This is incompetence at an epic proportion, and they need to shut it down, fully test it for security vulnerabilities, get it right — then reopen it,” Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., said Monday, in an interview with Fox News contributor Mallory Factor.

Rogers has escalated his warnings about the ObamaCare website’s security, as Obama administration officials claim the site’s myriad “glitches” are being fixed.

But Rogers said the site “doesn’t even meet minimum security standards.”

Factoring in that the law requires many congressional staffers and other government officials to sign up through the exchanges — albeit through the exchange run by the District of Columbia — he said: “If you’re a foreign intelligence service, that would be an invitation you couldn’t pass up.”

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