Interpol Votes to Admit ‘State of Palestine’ as a Full Member

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The international police organization Interpol voted on Wednesday in favor of granting the “State of Palestine” full membership, in a diplomatic defeat for Israel.

At the group’s annual General Assembly that convened this year in Beijing, the Palestinian membership bid was approved with 75 countries voting in favor, 24 voting against and 34 abstaining.

Israel had campaigned against the move, arguing the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) support for terrorism would undermine Interpol’s efforts. The US also opposed Palestinian membership in Interpol and assisted Israel with challenging Ramallah’s bid.


“The State of Palestine considers this membership and the responsibilities that it entails as an integral part of its responsibility towards the Palestinian people and a moral commitment to the citizens of the world,” he said.

With the additions of the Palestinians and the Solomon Islands, France-based Interpol now has 192 member states. It is the second-largest international organization after the United Nations.




  1. The surprising thing isn’t that the majority of the world gangs up on a minuscule, non-strategic country to be “mechanif” large, oil-rich anti-Semitic countries. The only surprise, for which we are extremely grateful, is that the most powerful and generous country in the world is willing to stand with us and our brethren, as they have repeatedly done. Malchus (and medina) shel chesed, indeed.

  2. I dealt with Interpol many, many years ago. Interpol is swarming with “left-over” nazis from WWII and a bunch of nazi sympathizers. Interpol helped hundreds of nazi officers relocate and hide after WWII. They’re corrupt.


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