Iran’s Supreme Leader Enlists Venezuela’s Help in ‘Confronting … Zionist Regime’



Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, posted an article on his website in October touting his meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro that states that Khamenei and Maduro are cooperating in “confronting” Israel.

“Praising Venezuela’s positions in confronting the Zionist regime, His Eminence stated that the insistence of this country on its courageous positions and its strategic influence in Latin America is the reason why the camp of arrogance shows enmity towards it, further reiterating: ‘The definite decision of the Islamic Republic is to continue and increase cooperation with Venezuela in all areas.’

In the same article, Khamenei also praised Venezuelan’s support for Palestinians and hate for Israel.

“[Khamenei] referred to the good positions that Venezuela adopted during the 51-day war in Gaza, adding: ‘The Zionist regime is hated throughout the world – particularly among regional nations – and your courageous positions against this regime have created many friends for you among different nations.'”

For his part, Maduro criticized the “arrogant and destructive policies” of the United States.

“Palestine is a victim of the arrogant and destructive policies of America,” Madura is quoted as saying in the article. “The government of America tries to hide its inhumane and imperialist face behind a thousand masks.”





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