Iran and Hamas Mend Ties



Iran and the Palestinian terror group Hamas have mended their political and military ties, which were strained by differences over the Syrian civil war, a Hamas leader said.

“I believe that bilateral relations between us and the Islamic Republic of Iran are back on track,” Hamas senior leader Moussa Abu Marzouk said, Reuters reported.

Last week, a Hamas delegation reportedly visited Iran in an effort to repair their ties. Saudi Arabia, Iran’s regional foe, proceeded to express anger over Hamas’s rapprochement with Iran, calling on Hamas to suspend any contacts with Tehran.

“Some Saudi intelligence officials officially contacted some Hamas leaders outside the Gaza Strip regarding recent developments in relations between Hamas and Iran,” the Hamas-affiliated Al-Rai News Agency said on Monday.

For many years, Hamas relied on Iran and its partners, Syria and Hezbollah, for military and financial support. That changed after Hamas’s 2012 fallout with Iran and Syria over the Syrian civil war, which forced the closure of the Palestinian terror group’s Damascus offices.


{ Newscenter}


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