Iran Blocks Internet On Third Night As Protests Grow Deadly

Iranians chant slogans as they march in support of the government near the Imam Khomeini grand mosque in the capital Tehran on December 30, 2017. Tens of thousands of regime supporters marched in cities across Iran in a show of strength for the regime after two days of angry protests directed against the country's religious rulers. / AFP PHOTO / TASNIM NEWS / HAMED MALEKPOURHAMED MALEKPOUR/AFP/Getty Images

As the third day of pro-freedom, anti-government protests swept across Iran, 1,200 pro-government rallies planned by the government popped up to support the government agenda and propaganda.

The Iranian government also used the police, banned media from reporting on the protests and has now moved to shut off the internet to disable communication between the pro-freedom protestors according to reports from within Iran. Read more.




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