Iran Blocks Websites Promoting Holocaust Education, State Department Report Says


holocaust iranThe government of Iran has continued to block the website of an initiative aimed at fostering a warmer Jewish-Muslim relationship and educating about the Holocaust, the State Department report on human rights in Iran revealed.

“The government continued to block the Persian language website of the Aladdin Project, a foreign-based NGO launched by the foreign Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah that provided information about the Holocaust and Jewish-Muslim relations,” said the report, which was released last Thursday after protracted delays.

The Aladdin Project was founded with U.N. support and has since been supported by 1,000 intellectuals, academics and public figures from 50 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America, “to counter the falsification of history in the shape of Holocaust denial and trivialization.”

According to the report, “officials continued to question the history and uniqueness of the Holocaust.” Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was rebuked last year when he called the Holocaust a “horrible tragedy” during an interview with a German television station. And Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made remarks questioning the reality of the Holocaust and wondering if it “actually did happen.”

Iran has a Jewish population of about 25,000, and one member of its parliament is Jewish.

Other countries where antisemitism occurred at the highest echelons of government included Venezuela, with a Jewish population of about 9,000, where President Nicolas Maduro compared Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge to the Holocaust.

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  1. The necessity of evil is heresy. There is always going to be holocaust education in a good world.

    This is very interesting because you would think it would be noticed by the world of course and many even the people of Iran.

    One might think that Iran is going to have a revolutionary voice of reversed psychosis soon.

    Lets hope Hashem has it in our future very dear.

    Never Again.


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