Iran Deal Could Be Announced Monday


kerryDiplomats from Iran and the United States said Sunday they plan to announce an agreement on a deal to curb Tehran’s nuclear program on Monday, the Associated Press reported. The announcement could even come by late Sunday.

That said, the deal is not final yet and “they cautioned that final details of the pact were still being worked out and a formal agreement still awaits a review from the capitals of the seven nations at the talks,” the AP reports. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Regardless of whether you are pro, anti or undecided a possible deal, here is the minimum that the U.S. should demand:
    1) Absolute ironclad verification. This means no site is off limits and no advance notice need be given prior to inspection. Without this, any agreement is pretty much useless.
    2) No lifting of any sanctions by any country until condition #1 is established. Otherwise, Iran has what it wants before any deal is signed and it has far less pressure to agree to anything.
    3) There is no legitimate reason for Iran to retain possession of spent fuel that can be weaponized. If it is produced, it must be sent out of the country.

    There also has to be a willingness to use a military option if Iran cheats. Expecting sanctions to “snap back” if Iran plays games is totally unrealistic.
    I still hate the fact that the deal lets Iran get so close to developing the bomb hardware-wise, but if the above three conditions are met it should at least keep the bomb out of Iran’s hands until the deal’s expiration.

  2. I have been defending the idea of a deal for a long time, but the first point by #1 Anonymous is 100% correct. The entire reason that Iran got sanctioned in the first place was because it was out of compliance with the NPT and without that level of verification there will be no way to ensure that they are back in compliance. I wouldn’t eat in a restaurant where the mashgiach announced his visits in advance; kal v’chomer with nuclear weapons development.


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