Iran Official to Hamas: We’re Willing to Arm West Bank Palestinians Too, Calls Holocaust “Fraudulent”


nasser-al-sudani-head-of-the-iranian-parliaments-palestine-committeeNasser Al Sudani, head of the Iranian Parliament’s Palestine committee, told a Hamas news website that Iran is willing to arm Palestinians in the West Bank, in addition to Hamas in Gaza.

He said that even during the recent chill in relations between Tehran and Hamas over its support of the Syrian opposition, Iran had not ceased its military aid to Gaza. Now, Iran intends to bolster those relations with monetary aid as well, Al Sudani said.

Al Sudani also said that his nation continues to disbelieve the “fraudulent” Holocaust, but that President Hassan Rouhani decided that keeping quiet on the matter would bolster relations with the West.

{Andy Newscenter}



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