Iran President Tells North Korea: The U.S. Can’t Be Trusted


It’s always hard when one of your best friends starts getting closer with someone else. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has urged North Korea against warming its relations with Donald Trump, telling the country’s foreign minister that the U.S. is not to be trusted.

“The U.S. administration performance in these years has led the country to be considered untrustworthy and unreliable around the world which does not meet any of its obligations,” Rouhani was quoted by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) as telling North Korea’s top diplomat, Ri Yong Ho, who visited Iran as the U.S. reintroduced sanctions against the country. He added that Iran and North Korea have “always had close views” on many issues. Ri reportedly told Rouhani that the U.S. restoration of sanctions was an “action against international rules and regulations,” and said: “North Korea’s strategic policy is to deepen relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran and confront unilateralism.” Read more.



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