Iran Pulls Back in Part of Nuclear Deal



An Iran official said Sunday the country refuses to ship its stockpile of atomic fuel abroad, a core part of the proposed nuclear deal, just two days before the negotiating deadline. Iran’s deputy foreign minister Abbas Araqchi told Iranian media that “there is no question” of sending its stockpile of uranium to Russia, which Iran had tentatively agreed to do in order to prevent use for a future weapons program.

The remarks raise concern over whether leaving large portions of nuclear fuel in Iran could pose a risk.

Should Iran retain the fuel in negotiations, the Obama administration is expected to argue that it would not be a threat with regular inspection.

{ Newscenter}


  1. It always is, was, and will be the fault of the Jews. Iran will promise not to develop nuclear weapons until such time that it does. In return for unconditional lifting of sanctions, the U.S. will insist that Iran make this utterly useless promise. After photo ops and other nonsense, President Obama will triumphantly announce the accomplishment of his “coup”.

    And in a year or so, when Iran will set off its first experimental nuclear device, Obama will claim that he actually could have gotten a better deal with Iran that would have have prevented their development of the bomb if not for the meddling of the Jews.


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