Iran Threatens To Sink U.S. Carriers


us-shipIran will target U.S. aircraft carriers based in the Persian Gulf if a war were to ever erupt between both countries, an Iranian naval chief warned Tuesday.

“Aircraft carriers are the symbol of America’s military might,” Adm. Ali Fadavi, according to the Fars news agency. “The carriers are responsible for supplying America’s air power. So, it’s natural that we want to sink the carriers.”

Fadavi is naval chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and made the remarks as Iran completes a large-scale mock-up of a U.S. carrier.
Iran is currently building a replica of the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier, which will be used in future military exercises.

The Revolutionary Guard’s navy has already targeted mock-up U.S. warships, Fadavi said, adding it took only 50 seconds to destroy one of them.

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  1. Iran- go ahead and try to sink the best ELEVEN aircraft carriers ever built. If their planes dont shoot down your planes and sink your ships and your missiles weren’t shot down then you win. But no one in history has succeeded in doing it so you won’t either

  2. Iran’s best aircraft is the F-14, which is designed to destroy other aircraft, not ships. It is unlikely that any of its aircraft would get close enough to any US ship to do any damage; they will probably be shot down by surface to air missiles.


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